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Lau Gar Guardian

The title of 'Lau Gar Guardian' is awarded to Senior Instructors of the BKFA whom have been training for a minimum of 20 years and during that time selflessly contributed to the running and success of the British Kung Fu Association.

The title of 'Guardian' was first awarded in October 2000.

The South West Region is headed by 3 Guardians; John Russell, Andrew Nation and Rash Patel.

There are currently just over 20 Guardians who hold this grade, they are listed below;

Alan Neeld, Alec Clark, Alex Barrowman, Andrew Nation,
Andy Phillips, Carl Jones, David Eccles, Clive Thompson,
Graham Abdulla, Jason Crabtree, John Russell, Keith Thomas,
Mike Lavender, Morag Quirk, Neville Wray, Pete Hornby,
Rajko Dokic, Rash Patel, Steve Burton, Steve Newby, Stewart Hunt, Stuart Agars.

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