Kungfu Master


We have listed some rules which we wish for our members to adhere to.

All members must:

1. Show respect for their Instructors and fellow members

2. Show loyalty to the Style

3. Try their best to help fellow members

4. Wear a clean recognised uniform and sash

5. Have an up-to-date licence

6. Attend classes with clean feet or suitable foot wear

7. Ensure toe and fingernails are kept short (this is to prevent injury to your fellow members)

8. Jewellery, rings, watches etc. should not be worn in class (we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal artifacts)

9. No sparring is permissible without strict supervision

10. No swearing or foul abusive language to be used

11. Arrive at lessons on time (unless a valid excuse is presented)

12. During class time, mobile phones should be switched off or put on silent (unless there is a valid excuse, we understand that people may receive emergency calls)

13. All members are at no time to use their Martial Art skill for any wrongdoing.

We have the right to exclude any student should we consider them to have participated in any wrong doing. He or She will be excluded indefinitely and will be barred from all clubs within the BKFA.

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